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Freecycling comes to the Oregon Coast!
Freecycling comes to the Oregon Coast!

Want to clean out your closet, reclaim your space, perform a random act of kindness, turn your trash into someone else's treasure AND save the planet - all at the same time?!

Freecycling is an online community based network that pairs recycling with gift giving, so to speak, located from a dedicated Internet listserv, where messages from members are
posted, read, and received by other members. Members offer items that they no longer need or use, for others who may want that particular item. Have something you need or want? Posting a "Wanted" request, often jogs the memory of another Freecycling member who remembers they have just what you are looking for tucked away in their attic or basement.

There is, however, one hitch and cardinal rule to Freecycling: ALL items must be free. (thats right FREE.)  Bartering, trading, or the exchange of money is not allowed! Freecycling brings giving for the sake of giving to a whole new height!

Where and when to pick up items is left up to the parties at hand to decide. Often times members will simply include their addresses, leaving offered items on the porch, as a first come, first served basis.  After an item has been received, members will then, as a courtesy, update the Freecycle listserv to indicate that their previously "offered" item has been "taken". Simple!  You feel better having de-junked your life, and reclaimed your space, knowing that you haven't contributed to the ever-growing mass at the landfill. And, lets face it, it feels even better to do something nice for another person!

The brainchild of Deron Beale, of Tucsan AZ, the original Freecycling chapter began this past May. In the months to follow, news of the Freecycling concept spread, and the network of River Stone grew to include local chapters across the nation. Recently, Freecycle has gone global, with new chapters starting up as far as Tokyo, and London! Clearly...Freecycling is an idea whose time has come!

Local chapters in Oregon, include Portland, Salem, Astoria, and Medford. But, for those of us on the Central Oregon Coast, these locations presented a bit of a distance challenge.  Until now, that is!  Freecycle Central Oregon Coast was launched Nov. 5, 2003. Serving Tillamook, Lincoln City, Newport and all places in between! Local residents now have another way (and fun at that) to help keep the Oregon coast beautiful!
Freecycle Central Oregon Coast is of course FREE to join. Sign yourself up, then invite your friends, invite your neighbors, come one, come all... go clean and go green! Freecycling works for everyone!  Freecycle Central Oregon Coast can be accessed at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freecyclecentraloregoncoast/. 

Copyright © November 16, 2003 by River Stone

For more information about the freecycling concept, or for other freecycling cities across the world visit: www.freecycle.org.

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